Pool Regulations

Above Ground and In Ground Swimming Pools

  • The swimming pool must be at least 10 feet from the side yard property line and 10 feet from the rear yard property line.
  • The swimming pool must have a required safety barrier if the pool is less than 48 inches in height. Barrier requirements would include, but not be limited to, a minimum height of 48 inch self-closing locking gate(s) with a pull latch at a height of 54 inches minimum and required entry alarms. 
  • Any in ground swimming pool that has a dwelling or structure as part of the require safety barrier, ALL doors must have a UL 2017 water hazard entry alarm installed.
  • Any property with a septic system must contact the Health Department for the requirements on pool installations.
  • For corner lots, please call Inspection Services at 413-821-0632.
  • The Inspection Services Department reserves the right to be the definitive decision in any zoning matter.