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Newsletter Mailing List Survey

  1. Purpose
    Thank you for taking this brief survey. We are looking at ways we can better reach and serve the Agawam and Feeding Hills residents with information about the Agawam Council on Aging - Senior Center. Your answers to this survey will provide us insight about one way we can help give you useful information.
  2. Do you currently read the Agawam "Senior Scene" Newsletter?
  3. Do you currently subscribe to our newsletter via e-mail each month?*
  4. Would you like to receive a newsletter by mail if:
  5. You were asked to pay postage (about $6 per year)*
  6. It was delivered to you at no cost?*
  7. Thank you for your time and feedback!
    If we decide to provide a monthly mailing and you wish to receive a newsletter when that option is made available please call 413-821-0605 and ask to speak with Mike.
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