Sanitary Sewer Overflow Public Notifications

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This page is where sanitary sewer overflow public notifications will be posted according to 314 CMR 16.04

Subscribe to receive these notice via e-mail using the form at the top of the page:

The information below is for an active discharge if one currently exists. Last ceased 7/8/22 c 10:40 AM

Historical events are listed at the bottom of this page:

Initial & Final Notification:

(a) Description of discharge or overflow location(s), and outfall number(s), if applicable;

Rear of 231 Main Street, in easement, 

(b) Approximate date and time the discharge or overflow began, and its duration;

Noticed by kayaker 6/30/22, report relayed to DPW 7/7/22. Flow stopped on 7/8/22 c. 10:40

(c) Estimated volume of the discharge or overflow based on the average discharge or

overflow from data reported to the Department and/or EPA for the prior three calendar years,

taking into consideration historical information for the projected rainfall event, if possible,

as set forth in the permittee’s CSO Public Notification Plan;

540,000 gallons – 50 GPM for c. 7.5 days

(d) Identity of the permittee;

Town of Agawam – Department of Public Works

(e) Whether, at the time of notification, the discharge or overflow has ceased, and if so, the

approximate time and date that the discharge or overflow ended;

Flow ceased, c. 7/8/22 10:40 

(f) Waters and land areas, including names of water bodies and municipalities, affected or

potentially affected by the discharge or overflow;

Westfield River, Agawam

(g) Precautionary measures to be taken by the public, including the following language:

“Avoid contact with these water bodies for 48 hours after the discharge or overflow ceases

due to increased health risks from bacteria and other pollutants. See website for more

information on whether specific resource areas, such as bathing beaches, are affected.”;

(h) Link to the permittee's website for additional information on discharges and overflows,

and its CSO and/or SSO abatement program(s); and

(i) A statement that the discharge or overflow consists, or likely consists, of untreated or

partially treated sewage and waste.

The discharge consists of untreated sewage and waste.

 Update 8 hours after initial notice:

(a) shall clearly indicate that a discharge or overflow is ongoing or has ceased;

(b) if it has ceased, shall indicate the approximate time of cessation;

(c) shall update any information that has changed since the initial public advisory

notification; and

(d) shall be issued to all parties required to receive notifications under 314 CMR 16.04(4).

If the permittee has reported that the discharge or overflow has ceased at the time of the initial

public advisory notification, then an update is not required eight hours later.

Update 16 hours after initial notice:

Update every 8 hours after initial notice:

Update within 2 hours of cessation of overflow or discharge: