Energy Efficiency Projects


In February 2017, the Town of Agawam was designated a Green Community by Governor Charlie Baker, Lt. Governor Karyn Polito, and the state Department of Energy Resources (DOER). Along with the designation, the town received an initial grant from DOER in the amount of $207,970 to make energy-efficiency upgrades in town-owned buildings. Once those initial grant funds are expended, the town may apply each year for additional competitive grants worth up to $250,000.

About the Green Communities Program

The Green Communities Designation and Grant Program has helped 185 cities and towns earn Green Community designation. As energy leaders in Massachusetts, Green Communities are eligible for state grants. Nearly $29 million from those Green Community grants is already at work in 155 communities, with nearly $6.5 million in additional grants for energy projects in the newest 30 designated communities. The Green Communities Division staff continues to work with scores of other local government entities on an array of energy activities: from reducing energy use in municipal and school buildings to establishing power purchase agreements that enable financially attractive renewable energy generation, adopting the latest building codes, and much more.

Agawam Green Community Projects


The Town used its initial $207,970 grant to complete energy efficiency upgrades at both James Clark Elementary School and Roberta Doering Middle School. Please click on the links below to view project information, including energy and cost savings estimates for these projects.

Clark & Doering Savings Table

Clark & Doering Final Report


The Town was awarded a Green Communities Competitive grant award in the amount of $201,133 to complete complete energy efficiency upgrades at Granger Elementary School, Agawam Public Library, and the DPW building. Please click on the links below to view project information, including energy and cost savings estimates for these projects.

Granger, Library, & DPW Savings Table 

Granger, Library, & DPW Final Report


The Town was awarded another Green Communities Competitive Grant award in the amount of $177,396 to complete energy efficiency upgrades at Agawam High School & Agawam Junior High School. These projects are still in progress, but please click on the link below see the anticipated energy and cost savings for these projects.

High School & Jr. High School Anticipated Savings Table


The Town purchased from Eversource its nearly 2,200 streetlights  and replaced them with higher efficiency, longer lasting LED lights and fixtures. Please click on the link below for the anticipated maintenance and energy cost savings, which exceed $200,000 per year.

Streetlight Savings Estimates Table


The Cooler Communities Program leverages classroom education to empower students and set a whole community on the path to smarter energy choices.

Due to the support of the Community Foundation of Western MA and the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation, schools receive grants of up to $5,000 for participating in the Cooler Communities program. Students of all ages research and create exhibits and materials on climate change, energy efficiency, and related subjects within their curriculum requirements to be displayed at a district-wide event. Vendors, community members, and service providers offer advice and show ways in which visitors can take energy-smart actions that work best for them.

Agawam was one of the first communities in the Commonwealth to host a Cooler Communities event when the town hosted the Agawam Cooler Communities Challenge in 2019. We are partnering with Cooler Communities again in 2021 for virtual Cooler Agawam program. Please click on the link below for more information on the 2019 and 2021 Cooler Agawam events!

Cooler Agawam Info