Informational Videos

  • Agawam Stormwater Video
    This video contains information and testimonials from various Agawam residents, business owners and municipal officials regarding the current condition of the storm system and future maintenance and funding requirements.
  • Stormwater and the Connecticut River
    PSA from the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission regarding the issues of storm water run-off into the Connecticut River.
  • Think Before You Flick - Canadian Broadcasting Video
    Littered cigarette butts typically wash wash away with the next rainfall- down storm drains , through pipes, and out to nearby rivers, streams, and lakes.  Cigarette butts are not biodegradable, in our local waters, cigarette butts can be highly toxic to fish and other animals.  

  • Think Blue Massachusetts Video; Fowl Water 2019
    Created by the sate-wide Stormwater Coalition, Think blue Massachusetts.  Think Blue Massachusetts is a statewide educational campaign to help residents and businesses do their part to reduce polluted runoff and keep our state's lakes, rivers, and streams clean and healthy.