Whiting Street and Thomas Pyne Funds

About the Commission

The funds, bequeathed to the Town of Agawam in the last wills of Whiting Street in 1881 and Desiree Pyne, on behalf of her husband Thomas Pyne in 1891, were accepted and therefore established the fund only to be used to benefit the “worthy poor” in the Town of Agawam. The Board of commissioners shall, so far as consistent with the terms of the wills, manage, and control the same, consider applications for assistance and distribute the income in accordance with the terms of the respective wills. The principle of both funds may not be used and must remain as a perpetual fund.

The Commission, consisting of a chairperson and two members, appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council shall meet when an applicant, who must be a resident of the Town of Agawam, applies for funds. The commission reviews and verifies the financial information and application and vote by majority to accept or reject the application.

Note: Funds have previously been used to help adult residents in emergency situations such as loss of housing, loss of utilities due to income issues, loss of employment, emergency non-covered medical situations

  1. Marie Kellogg Izzo


  • Meetings are conducted as needed

Financial Reports


  • Marie Kellog Izzo, Chair
  • Susan Cameron
  • Marilyn Lake