Textile Recovery and Recycling

Did you know that residents and businesses dispose of approximately 230,000 tons of textiles annually? 
 More than 5% of the waste delivered to combustion facilities is made of clothing, curtains, towels, and other fabrics.
About 85% of the textiles currently being thrown away could be donated, reused, or recycled instead.  

​Contrary to popular belief, donations in any condition are welcomed by most for-profit and nonprofit textile collectors alike.  This includes stains, rips, missing buttons or broken zippers.  The only unacceptable donations are wet/moldy items and items contaminated with oil or hazardous substances.  Items that don't sell in thrift stores are baled and sold to brokers or graders who sell to overseas markets.  In developing nations, used clothing and textiles supply local enterprises with materials to repair and resell.  Other textiles can be converted to their original fibers and manufactured into other materials, such as wiping cloths or insulation. 

​Clothing or other textiles should not be placed in curbside trash or recycling carts.  

See below for a list of textile recycling options. 

For additional locations to recycle your unwanted textiles, , search the MassDEP Beyond the Bin Recycling Directory

textile-infographic (1)


Collection Box Drop OffLocationGuidelines
Planet Aid335 Suffield StreetNo wet/moldy items or items contaminated with oil or hazardous substances.  Please check collection bin for company specific donation guidelines.
18 Springfield Street
619 Springfield Street
634 Springfield Street
Society of St. Vincent830 Suffield Street
80 Springfield Street
Pay It Forward Recycling1282 Springfield Street
St. Pauly Textile Collection833 Main Street
Drop off LocationsAddress
Hartsprings226 Cold Springs AveWest Springfield
Savers135 Memorial AveWest Springfield
Salvation Army223 E Main StreetWestfield
Curbside CollectionSchedule a collection
Pay It Forward Recyclingpayitforwardrecycling.org
Salvation Armysatruck.org