Veteran's Services

Agawam is the home office of the Department of Veterans’ Services for the Western Hampden District, which includes the towns of Agawam, Southwick, Granville, Russell and Tolland. This office reports directly to the Mayor and the Board of Governors’.

Duties & Responsibilities

We are responsible for distributing Veterans’ Benefits from the Commonwealth for people who qualify, which includes veterans and their spouses. We also assist with the filing of all paperwork with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, as well as represent these people with their claims.


This office is available for all questions you may have concerning military related items.

Veterans Council

The Veterans Council meets primarily on the first Wednesday of each month, except for July and August. The dates and times for these meetings are posted at the Clerk’s Office in the Town Hall. The council assists this office in the preparation for Veterans Day and Memorial Day activities.


Aldo Mancini, Chairman

Patrick Asta-Ferrero II, Vice Chairman

John Bonavita

Francis Curnow

Dennis King

Frank Mazzei

Kerri O'Connor, Secretary

Frank Pignatare, Treasurer

Christopher Lanski, Veterans Services Officer (USMC Ret.)


Active Members:

* honorably discharged  veteran from Armed Forces

* Agawam resident

Auxiliary Members:

* honorably discharged veteran

* would be non-voting member

Volunteer Members:

* need NOT be a veteran

* aid in flagging placement, Memorial Parade, Veteran's Day ceremonies, summer concerts, clean up projects through the year