The Town of Agawam's Personnel Department is a delegated civil service office having authority for the administration of specific civil service functions for all positions within the municipal service. The Personnel Department:
  • Processes all applications for employment
  • Requisitions for labor service, and public safety positions
  • Prepares all related records, correspondence, and reports
  • Verifies eligibility for promotional exams
The Personnel Department prepares and processes all internal and external advertising of vacant positions. For civil service positions, the department implements the civil service employment recruitment process. For non-civil service positions, the standard application process is initiated. When necessary, the Personnel Department will assist in establishing a search committee for specific positions and provide related clerical and administrative support.

Additional Responsibilities

The Personnel Department:
  • Completes required paperwork for new municipal employees and is the official custodian for all municipal personnel records
  • Coordinates pre-employment physical examinations and post-employment fitness-for-duty evaluations with the Town's occupational health facility
  • Administers all random drug testing and corresponding paperwork for various departments as per the union contacts and Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal regulations
  • Oversees the Town's contract with Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Addresses a multitude of personnel questions in connection with length of employment benefits, disciplining and discharging of employees, creation of new positions, upgrades and promotions
  • Takes part in the administration of the Town's health insurance plan for employees and retirees and acts as a liaison with the Town's broker and Blue Cross and Blue Shield and assists with various wellness programs

Personnel Policies

The Personnel Department is responsible for drafting and updating all of the Town's personnel policies, such as the:
  • Affirmative Action Policy
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy for Employees Holding Commercial Drivers Licenses
  • Family Medical Leave Act Policy
  • Safety Policy
  • Seat Belt Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Policy

Employee Benefit Duties

The Personnel Department is responsible for scheduling all open enrollment / benefits fairs for Town and school employees and making the appropriate changes and additions. The Personnel Department also audits and process for payment all of the health and dental bills. This department also audits and researches the unemployment bills. The Personnel Department also processes employee verifications.