Inspection Services

Information for filing forms and permit applications with Inspection Services

This office only accepts check or money order for any application or permitting fees.

All applications and forms for Inspection Services can be found by scrolling down this page. 

If you are a homeowner applying for a building permit for an owner occupied property, please use the first building permit application form labeled "Building Permit Application for a One of Two Family Dwelling."

All forms and permit applications can be dropped off or mailed directly to Inspection Services, 1000 Suffield Street, Agawam, Massachusetts 01001.  

You may also use the black drop box to the left of the front door at 1000 Suffield Street.  

Please give us a call at 413-821-0632 if you have any questions about the permitting process, thank you for your cooperation!

Duties & Responsibilities

The Inspection Services Department is responsible for the enforcement of the building and zoning codes for the purposes of promoting the health, safety, convenience and welfare of the inhabitants of the community as well for the testing of all weighing and measuring devices used in town. The Zoning Board of Appeals is responsible for handling appeals regarding land use.


We're here to help! The Inspection Services Department offers the following services:

  • Building Inspections
  • Building Code Enforcement
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Plumbing Inspections
  • Gas Inspections
  • Sealing of Weights and Measures

Building Permits

A permit is required for any type of construction or installation of an accessory structure. All permits must be applied for, with fees, by a licensed building contractor, plumbing contractor (including lawn irrigation), gas fitter, and electrical contractor. Fines will be assessed for any work done without a permit.

  • Permits are required for pellet and wood stoves
  • Permits are required for siding, roofing and windows
  • Permits are required for any signs or tents