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1/4/2017 - 2017 Waste Collection Route Schedules


Dear Resident:

The Town of Agawam is pleased to announce Agawam will be implementing a new trash and recycling wheeled cart program.  The town will be switching from traditional trash barrels and manual trash collection to an automated trash collection system.  The program is designed to provide cleaner streets and neighborhoods and decrease the town’s overall trash disposal costs.  This new service level is scheduled to begin on July 1, 2017.

Each eligible household will receive one sixty-five (65) gallon cart for trash and one ninety six (96) gallon cart for “single stream all in one” recycling.  Distribution of the new carts will begin in early June.

Throughout the next six months, a number of educational flyers, cable access videos and press releases will be published, informing residents of the changes to take place; understanding the Automated collection process, route schedules, cart placement, “single stream all in one recycling”, trash overflow, bulk collection, and more. 

You may download the 2017 COLLECTION SCHEDULE HERE for the months of January through June.  No changes have been made to the current collection program.  Trash will continue to be collected weekly and dual stream recycling will continue to be collected every other week.  Please be certain to continue to sort your paper separately from bottles and cans to prevent your recycling from being left behind by the waste hauler. 

Thank you for your support and patience through this transition period.


Mayor Richard Cohen