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Posted on: September 26, 2017

Notice of Public Information Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to show a presentation on Traffic Calming Measures for residents, abutters, various additional Municipal Departments, and other interested parties, and to allow an opportunity for the attendees to ask any questions and/or to express any comments they may have.

The Town of Agawam is currently reviewing residential requests/petitions for the implementation of traffic calming mechanisms on Barbara Lane, Reed Street, and Hendom Neighborhood.  Each traffic calming project includes a focus on the installation of a series speed tables or humps in order to slow the traffic down and to possibly reduce cut-through traffic.

An evaluation period, including a preliminary review of criteria and public outreach, began in August of this year. As part of this first step, mailers were sent to all abutters, including information and a draft of what these projects could look like. The DPW and Engineering Division logged each of the resident responses and a general overview of these responses will be discussed in the presentation.

Interested parties are encouraged to attend. Public opinion will weigh upon a decision for any follow up investigation. After the completion of this meeting, the DPW and the Engineering Division will make a determination as to pursue any project(s) further and continue with a more in-depth analysis and data collection if necessary.

The DPW invites all resident, abutters, and representatives of the Fire, Police, School, Emergency, Planning Board, Council, and any other interested parties to attend. We aim to engage in a healthy discussion about each project, and we look forward to hearing all of your voices. We look forward to seeing all of you there.

To learn more about the project, please contact Dawn Nims: DNims@agawam.ma.us, or the Town Engineer, Michelle Chase: MChase@agawam.ma.us. Information may also be seen on the Engineering Homepage: http://www.agawam.ma.us/269/Engineering.  

The Agawam Public Library is ADA accessible.

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