Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Massachusetts General Law requires that a Carbon Monoxide Detector be installed on every level of a home that has fossil fuel burning equipment or an attached garage.

Bedroom Level

The Carbon Monoxide Detector on the bedroom level of the residence must be within ten feet of all of the bedroom doors. Because of this requirement some homes may require an additional detector.


Finished basements or partially finished basements must have a Carbon Monoxide Detector installed. Detectors are not required in unfinished basements, crawl spaces or attics. Though not required, the Agawam Fire Department encourages a Carbon Monoxide Detector installation in unfinished basements that contain fossil fuel burning equipment.

Detector Type

Detectors may be battery operated, plug in, plug in with a battery back up, combination smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector or hard wired.

Laws & Inspections

The Massachusetts Carbon Monoxide Detector laws apply to all residences in the state, not just properties being sold.

The Agawam Fire Inspector will check for the presence of Carbon Monoxide Detectors and their proper operation during a Smoke Detector Inspection and will not issue a certificate if Carbon Monoxide Detectors are not in compliance with the Law.

Detector Age

If your detector is over 10 years old, it will need to be replaced.